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2406, 2015

Fall Ball 2015

Our League Coordinators are in the process of finalizing plans for the upcoming Fall Ball season. Preliminary details can be found here...

1706, 2015

2015 Robin Stacey Sportsmanship Award Winners

Every Spring each Majors and Minors team identifies a player from their roster who has shown outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season. This seasons winners are...

1106, 2015

2015 Summer Teams Announcement

2015 Summer Tournament Teams Announced

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Majors Championship Recap

Maple Ave Fire over New Country Auto (14-12)

A towering 3-run home run by J. Martuscello in the top of the 7th capped Maple Ave Fire’s come-from -behind win in one of the most exciting House Championship games in recent history. The final Majors game of the season featured 4 Home Runs from G. Myers, R. Dolan, C. Mercado and J. Martuscello.  

Playoff Results 
Maple Ave Fire over New Country Auto (14-12)
New Country Auto over Scottys Resturant
Maple Ave Fire over Lants Auto


Minors Championship Recap

Byrne Ortho over Saratoga Natl Bank (5-4)

It took 8 innings to decide the most exciting game of year. In the 4th E. Dinsmore tied the game with long 2-run HR then sent the game to extras with a solo HR in the bottom of the 6th. A. King scored the winning run in the 8th to give Byrne the 5-4 victory. Great pitching from N. Rodriguez, Ad. Rose, E. Brand, E. Dinsmore and I. Pecora. 

Playoff Results

Byrne Ortho over Saratoga Natl Bank (5-4)

Saratoga Natl Bank over Saratoga PBA

Bryne Ortho (Minors) over Olive Garden

Saratoga Natl Bank over EJT Law


Rookie Championship Recap

Byrne Ortho over Hoffman Carwash (6-4)

A close game right to the end. Both teams had great defense and each player brought their best at bat. Hoffman’s player, Trevor made 3 unbelievable catches that earned him the game ball. Ben hit a triple to bring home a couple runners. Byrne’s player Ian O. had a tremendous hit to left field, he earned the game ball.

Playoff Results

Byrne Ortho over  Hoffman Carwash

Hoffman Carwash over Wilton Rotary

Byrne Ortho over Saratoga-Wilton Elks

Hoffman Carwash over Whiteman Chevrolet


2015 WYB House League Standings

Majors Division

  Team Wins Losses Ties PCT Runs Scored Runs Allowed
1 New Country Auto 11 0 1 0.958 125 56
2 Maple Ave Fire Dept 6 5 1 0.542 86 84
3 Lants Auto 3 8 0 0.273 71 86
4 Scottys Restaurant 2 9 0 0.182 52 108

Note - Majors Division standings exclude games vs Schuylerville

Minors Division

  Team Wins Losses Ties PCT Runs Scored Runs Allowed
1 Saratoga PBA 6 3 0 0.667 65 55
2 Byrne Orthodontics (Minors) 6 4 0 0.600 78 67
3 Olive Garden 4 5 0 0.444 53 57
4 Saratoga National Bank 4 6 0 0.400 70 83
5 EJT Law 4 6 0 0.400 59 63

2015 WYB House League Home Runs

Majors Division

Player HR Date
Bowers 06/13/2015
Bowers 06/13/2015
Bowers 06/13/2015
Bowers 06/13/2015
Bowers 05/16/2015
Bowers 05/16/2015
Bowers 04/29/2015
Dolan 05/06/2015
Emery 06/11/2015
Emery 05/26/2015
Emery 05/19/2015
Hudson 05/20/2015
Hudson 05/12/2015
Mercado 06/13/2015
Mercado 06/13/2015
Mercado 06/11/2015
Myers 05/09/2015
Owens 05/02/2015
Parker 06/02/2015
Parker 05/09/2015
Parker 05/09/2015


Minors Division

Player HR Date
O’Connell 05/30/2015
Rodriguez 06/02/2015
Rodriguez 05/19/2015

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