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2105, 2015

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All fields at Gavin Park will be closed on Friday 5/22 for fertilization.

1805, 2015

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1205, 2015

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2015 WYB House League Standings

Majors Division

  Team Wins Losses Ties PCT Runs Scored Runs Allowed
1 New Country Auto 6 0 0 1.000 58 33
2 Maple Ave Fire Dept 4 3 0 0.571 55 48
3 Lants Auto 2 5 0 0.286 49 52
4 Scottys Restaurant 1 5 0 0.167 28 57

Note - Majors Division standings exclude games vs Schuylerville

Minors Division

  Team Wins Losses Ties PCT Runs Scored Runs Allowed
1 Olive Garden 3 1 0 0.750 32 26
2 Saratoga PBA 3 1 0 0.750 30 21
3 Byrne Orthodontics (Minors) 2 2 0 0.500 28 25
4 Saratoga National Bank 1 3 0 0.250 29 40
5 EJT Law 1 3 0 0.250 25 32

2015 WYB House League Home Runs

Majors Division

Player HR Date
Bowers 05/16/2015
Bowers 05/16/2015
Bowers 04/29/2015
Dolan 05/06/2015
Emery 05/19/2015
Hudson 05/20/2015
Hudson 05/12/2015
Myers 05/09/2015
Owens 05/02/2015
Parker 05/09/2015
Parker 05/09/2015


Minors Division

Player HR Date
Rodriguez 05/19/2015

05/20/2015 - Scottys Restaurant 24 to 0 over Schuylerville

S. Hudson and R. Niski both had home runs for Scotty’s

05/19/2015 - New Country Auto 12 to 7 over Maple Ave Fire Dept

A great game was played by Maple Avenue Fire Department and New Country Auto.
Great pitching came from G. Myers, E. Gardner, and Ferro.
For New Country Great pitching came from B. Emery, W. Irwin, R. Dolan. B. Emery hit a huge home and two other singles. C. Mercado also had three hits.

05/16/2015 - Maple Ave Fire Dept 10 to 5 over Scottys Restaurant

G. Meyers 3 2/3 scoreless innings, E. Owens single and double, N. Rodriquez two doubles.

Greydon Parker double and pitched very well

05/16/2015 - New Country Auto 10 to 8 over Lants Auto

Lant’s Auto played great, once again. great Pitching came from G.Beaulieu, J. Catone, and B. Bremer. A big home run came from E. Bowers.
For new Country Auto great pitching came from J. wiggin, K. Ragaini, W. Irwin, and the game was closed out by C. Mercado. B. emery had three hits and K. Ragaini had two. A fantastic diving catch in left field came from C. mercado. W. Irwin scored three runs.

05/13/2015 - Maple Ave Fire Dept 13 to 2 over Schuylerville

Schuylerville played a hard fought game. Maple Ave got great pitching from E. Gardner, Q. Grieco and J. Nightingale. J Nightingale had a great line drive catch. J. Martuscello had three hits. D. Kelly scored a run.

Saddlemire scored both runs for Schuylerville.

05/12/2015 - Scottys Restaurant 6 to 3 over Lants Auto

S. Hudson hit a home run for scottys. G. Parker and L.Niski pitched well.

A. Savage had a big hit for Lants. J.Cantone, C. Deuell pitched well for Lants

05/09/2015 - Maple Ave Fire Dept 12 to 6 over Lants Auto

G. Myers home run, E. Owens three hits, Q. Grieco two hits, L. Ferro J. Dalto, J Martuscello, e Gardner one hit.

Greg B, two hits and two runs scored. Aidon k, single two runs scored. Jordan C two runs scored. Ethan B one hit.

05/09/2015 - New Country Auto 14 to 4 over Scottys Restaurant

Scotty’s Restaurant played a great game. Great Pitching came from R. Niski, S. Hudson, G. Parker, and G. Demortier. A huge Home run was blasted from G. Parker.
For New Country Auto, great pitching came from R. Dolan, W. Irwin, J. Wiggin, C. Mercado, and K. Ragaini. Big hits came D. Simms, N. Timm, R. Dolan, B. Emery, K. Ragaini, R. Ragaini.

05/06/2015 - New Country Auto 19 to 3 over Schuylerville

Schuylerville played a great game and their hearts were in it, all the way. New Country Auto had great pitching from J. Wiggin, R. Ragaini, R. Dolan, and E. Barthelmas. Big hits came from R. Dolan, who nailed a two run home run, N. Timm,J. Wiggin, W. Irwin, and B. Emery.

05/02/2015 - New Country Auto 5 to 4 over Lants Auto

Lants Auto played a great game. Runs scored came from G. Beaulieu and 3 from A. Khoury.
For New Country Auto Runs scored came from J. Irwin, N. Rodriquez, J. Wiggin,, and C. Mercado.
Pitching came from J. Wiggin, C. Mercado, B. Emery, and W. Irwin.

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05/20/2015 - Olive Garden 7 to 5 over EJT Law

An exciting time shortened game team Olive Garden holds off EJT Law with closing pitching by C. Walley. OG key hits came from C. Walley, A. Lebed, and D. St.John.

EJT Law got nice pitching from J. Tastensen and J. O’Connell. Contributions on offense came with hits from C. Khoury, L. Mergendahl, M. Tastensen, R. Rowe, J. O’Connell, and J. Tastensen.

05/16/2015 - Byrne Orthodontics (Minors) 6 to 2 over Saratoga PBA

J. Arpey had two hits and scored two runs, while Byrne got strong pitching and catching from both E. Brand & E. Dinsmore.

A. Edwards and J. Bye each had a hit and scored a run for PBA, who had strong pitching from C. Vavasour, J. Bye and E. Barthelmas.

05/16/2015 - Saratoga National Bank 12 to 9 over EJT Law

T Schneider hit a solid double to lead of the last inning allowing Saratoga National to rally and win their first game of the season.

05/13/2015 - Saratoga PBA  5 to 1 over EJT Law

The game was very well played on both sides, with a solid pitching performances from J.Bye and E.Barthelmas. The PBA team played well behind there pitchers and were patient at the plate, with some timely hits. This was a whole team win with great effort by all involved. EJT battled and were competitive right to the end, getting a run scoring double from K.St.John and some strong relief pitching from Khourey(spelling) and they never quit and kept battling.

05/12/2015 - Olive Garden 7 to 5 over Byrne Orthodontics (Minors)

Very nice combined effort on the mound by A. Lebed, D. St.John, J. Doherty, and C. Walley for team Olive Garden.

Byrne had nice pitching by J. Arpy who started the game with a 1..2..3 inning and strong relief by E. Brand.

05/09/2015 - Byrne Orthodontics (Minors) 9 to 6 over Saratoga National Bank

Byrne’s I. Pecora and E. Brand combined to throw 13 K’s over 5 innings. E. Dinsmore hit a shot of the top of the monster and J. Perry had his first RBI of the season.

SNB received a strong outing from A. Rose. C. Paige scored two runs, W. Deyoe doubled and N. Rodriguez fanned 6 in 2 innings of work.

05/02/2015 - EJT Law  10 to 8 over Byrne Orthodontics (Minors)

J. O’Connell – 2IP,6K,0.00ERA
T. Weygand stepped up from Rookies and hit 2 triples for Byrne.
J. Tastensen – Batted in Winning RBI and pitched shutout last inning.
E. Brand – Nice catch in Center and then throw to I. Peccora for Double Play at 2nd.

05/02/2015 - Olive Garden  9 to 6 over Saratoga National Bank

Olive Garden was sparked by a bases loaded single by E. Pagano and had 2 great shut down innings from C. Walley who posted 6 K’s.

Saratoga National had a real nice day at the plate by Arion Rose with multiple hits and 2 runs scored and Nate Rodriguez who went 3 for 4.

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